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How to Join Audio Files in Different Formats?

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Audio Merge Expert 4.0.1 or later
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If countless numbers of audiobook files are cluttering up your computer or MP3 player, then you might want to consider combining the individual tracks into one continuous audio file. This makes it markedly easier to keep track of and navigate through your audiobook collection, since there are far fewer files overall. Joining audio files requires the use of audio editing software that can open, edit and save the type of audio files your book is formatted in. Audio Merge Expert supports a wide range of audio formats and you can even input audio files of different formats. Download and install Audio Merge Expert to see how easy it is to join multiple audio files in different formats.

Audio Files Joining Guide

1. Launch Audio Merge Expert and click "Add Files" to add audio files to the joining list. It is also available to simply drag & drop or copy & paste the files to the program window. To queue the listed audio files, just drag them in the list. Click "Delete" or "Clear" button to remove one or all the added files if needed.

Add Audio Files

2. Choose an output format among MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG from the dropdown menu of the "Export Format". Click "Settings" to adjust the output quality with the well-configured presets or specify the configuration parameters to meet your demands. Click "Merge" to activate the "Save As" window.

Specify Output Settings

3. Now, choose the output file location and enter the output file name in the activated window. Finally, click "Save" to start joining. The audio files are completely joined when the process bar disappears. In a few seconds you can enjoy your joined music on your music player.

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